• Summary: A clear recommendation.
  • Pro & Contra: No contra exept you need skills.
  • Mixing: Excellent and different types of colors.
  • Sets: Metal boxes available
  • Pricing: 4 of 5 (expensive but good)


Every big brand such as Schmincke, Winsor & Newton or Rembrand is good. Watercolors are by default a highly pigmented type of color. You might think 4 € for such a tiny pan is a lot but it isn’t. I’m absolutly fine with my collection of 31 colors. My Tip is to get a metal box.

Mixing & Technique

Watercolors are very popular as soon you have managed to handle them. Everyone who doesn’t know how to should take a course or buy a book. I was lucky my mom was able to teach me anything I need to know and if you are able to shade, and layer and wash around, watercolors are glowing, bright and impressive colors. I got my first box when I was 8 years old.

Search “watercolor tutorial” on Pinterest and you get plenty of help.

Box sets

I have two box sets, The very small one I got as a kid and is older that 20 years, still fit. It is still available. (Product number 74408). A few years ago i stocked up and bought a second metal box at boesner.com.

I had a plastic box once, Winsor & Newton - which are brilliant colors, its surface was terrible for mixing. A classic metal box can also hold nearly any brand if you like to own different brands.


  • Stable sortiment since 20+ years.
  • Huge selection, 110 colors .
  • Everywhere available.
  • High quality pigments.
  • Well documented attributes.
  • Compatible with no-name metal boxes.
  • Metal boxes available


  • Watercolors require skills and patience.
  • Requires thick or special watercolor Paper.
  • Good watercolor brushes are expensive.


Watercolors are available as Pan or tubes. Not every brand offers the same size. I prefer 1/2 pans. Best choice for being mobile.

  • 1/1 pan 5,97 € Winsor & Newton French Ultramarin
  • 1/2 pan 2,98 € Schminke Ultramarin
  • 1/2 pan 1,89 € Van Gogh Ultramarin (Royal Talens)
  • 1/1 pan 2,35 € Lukas Aquarell, Ultramarin

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