70 Bugdroids

Art project by Marie Schweiz

This is the very story about 101 Bugdroid illustrations made until 2013. I started in 2011, every few months android learned something new. When something happened I made one. Or I read news such as the death of Steve Jobs.

I crafted bugdroid illustrations for the delight of many android developers in the whole world. After a 100 I stopped counting. I will add them here as soon I’m able to reach them physically.

The very late artworks are more detailed, and some of them traveled the whole world. Unfortunatley too many people used them and took my work for granted without permission so I stopped. Most of them are made with watercolors. I wrote a review about Horadam Aquarell Watercolors, in case you like to paint too.

On the other hand, I won friends and my artworks reside in New York, San Francisco, Singapore, London and many more places. I’m very proud of that.

I love them

I’ve moved on to other excersises yet I still love my bugdroid collection a lot. I was a pioneer amongst a lot of male developers. I’ve learned a lot and it made me a good designer. So long little bugdroid <3.

Me and my droid

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