• Usage: Often, everytime i'm using Procreate
  • Charging: not the fastest but its okay
  • Battery: Okay, no difference to competitors
  • Pricing: around 100 €, okay I think.


The Apple Pencil is the only Bluetooth stylus on the market for the iPad pro. Other stylus do not reach the same responsivness. I do think its too huge, not well enough balanced. The tip is okay, I have used up one tip in about 6 month. Pricing is okay too, I was surprised Apple isn’t doing the usual overpricing strategy.

Hack: How to get a better grip

Buy a basic Pilot Ballpoint BPS-GP-XB (refillable). Get a knitting needle or something thin to get between the rubber and plastic. Before you do that, get a bit of dish soap and apply it on the pen. (I have learned this trick for removing bicycle handles) That way you can easier remove the grip without damaging it. Then, wash it until it is almost clean. Carefully apply it onto your Apple pencil until it has the perfect position.


  • By definition the only Pencil for the iPad Pro
  • Pricing is good


  • to big / long
  • not well enough balanced


  • 99 € Apple Pencil
  • 85 € Adonit pixel
  • 67 € Wacom Creative stylus
  • 66 € Paper 53 Stylus (Soft Tip)

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