• Usage: Often, everytime i'm using my iPad Air and Procreate
  • Charging: comfortable, no weird adapters.
  • Battery: can keep his promise.
  • Pricing: around 90 €, pretty good I think.


Adonit is my recommendation as bluetooth stylus manufacturer for iPads with Bluetooth 4 until iPad Air 2 generation. I have used Adonit products for years until apple announced the Apple pencil which has a better responsivness on the iPad Pro. Comparing regular Bluetooth and pressure sensitive stylus, Adonit products are well manufactured, durable and their team provides a very good support for popular drawing apps.

I used a Jot Touch for several years and performed serveral live drawing with older and newer Jot Touch Stylus.

How to pick a stylus

There are various options and if people ask me which one would be my recommendation I ask them to think about them self. Everyone has differend hands which means he or she would prefer another stylus. Adonit products are right in the middle while a 53 Pen might be better for huge hands and softer. An old Wacom stylus has a bit too much weight in the back for my taste but is good for small hands. The best way to find out is trying.


  • Adonit is a well known and supported brand.
  • Well manufactured, none of them broke.
  • Good adapter design for charging (USB).


  • A Bluetooth stylus needs power.
  • Your iPad should have glass protection.
  • You depend on apps supporting adonit products.


A bluetooth stylus cost about 100 €. Pricing went up and down a little in the past years.

  • 99 € Apple Pencil
  • 85 € Adonit pixel
  • 67 € Wacom Creative stylus
  • 66 € Paper 53 Stylus (Soft Tip)

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