• Usage: Medium and always as additional material
  • mixing: Excellent blending abilities
  • brilliance: very good
  • Pricing: 4 of 5, expensive


Compared to others i find Polychromos expensive but very reliable. The quality is exellent. Good layering techniques and a huge variety of choices. I miss greenish and blueish greys. I do think everyone should have a decent set of color pencils at home.


I use them in addition to my copic markers. Love to set highlights or blues with it. And i believe they look great if you use more than one color. The shading and mixing is a lot of fun.


  • Reliable brand, you can rebuy every pencil.
  • Pricey but still affordable. They will last for a long time.


  • Some of the colors aren’t soft.
  • There are cheaper alternetives

Box sets and Pricing

Faber Castell is together with Koh i Noor and Carandache the most popular one in Germany. I’ve picked up some prices (no garantuee they are up to date):

  • 85 € Polychromos, 60 Tinbox
  • 42 € Prismacolor, 72 Tinbox
  • 38 € Koh i Noor, 72 Tinbox
  • 77 € Lyra, 72 Tinbox
  • 25 € Taotree, 72 Tinbox

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