• Usage: occasionally
  • mixing: The Layering technique is incredible
  • brilliance: can't compete with watercolors.
  • Pricing: €€€€€ 5 of 5 very expensive


Copic markers are incredible for coloring because the Alcohol is drying out instantly. I’m impressed by the layering abilities. I’m not an expert user of Copic markers but I already had to refill my shading colors (purples and light cream). I think Copic markers are an expert tool you shouldn’t use without watercoloring knowledge. For everything else normal markers will do just fine.

For 60 € you can buy 10 markers or a whole metal box of watercolors which might ask you for more time but are just as brilliant. Copic markers are a luxury.


I use my Copics for backgrounds, scenery and shadings. Often I mix them with Polychromos pencils or watercolors.


  • Huge variety of colors (358)
  • refillable
  • different brushtips


  • not much introduction, tutorial materials online
  • expensive!
  • there isn’t much of a color system such has…lighter shading or intense shading…
  • there are cheaper alternatives
  • just like Watercolors they soak through regular sketching paper

Box sets

There are plenty of box sets, I can recommend none cause I lack experience. The basic Boxset 32 is on my wishlist because it looks like it would make sense. In general I made good experience with manufacturer recommendations or boxsets.

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