• Usage: Often, together with an Apple Pencil or Adonit Pixel
  • Userexperience: simple and excellent.
  • Highlight: Custom brushes.
  • Pricing: very cheap, around 5 € in Germany


Procreate is my favorite iPad painting app and responsible for 80% of my battery usage. Which doesn’t mean its hungry. I just draw a lot with it. With its wonderful brush engine and impacable UX design, procreate is my choice for almost every sketch, idea and scribble I’m drafting. Besides Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud support you get .PSD, PNG PDF etc and other formats. Video recording is a populare feature. My favorite feature is, you are able to create and share your own brushes.

Pro & Contra

There is simply no contra for this app. You might think it should be available on android too. Its not and thats a good thing. Savage is focusing on iOS which is a platform they understand and serve well. Its a little performance hungry which isn’t unusual for drawing Apps. You get for very little money an amazing app. There is just one thing: You can’t preview .procreate files on your mac.


Over the years I have made a couple of Brushes. In a near future you will be able to download all of them on my website. For free of course.

Pro Tipp, study old masters

Seeing a painting in real life is entirely different then digital or printed. Study old masters is usually limited to paper and pencil (Museums won’t allow liquids). An iPad is the perfect solution to study and learn. I’ve visited lots of museums with it. People tend to stare at me so my advice is, bring some earplugs or huge headphones. The bigger they are the less people tend to annoy you. Museums are very kind and tolerant towards artists. Protip: as a kind person you might like to sit 3 meters slightly left or right from the painting. You avoid reflections and other visitors are able to see it too. If the Museum does not display their chairs, just ask. Usually they have them.


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