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This Website is made and hosted by Marie Schweiz, responsible for content and development. I’m not taking responsibility for thirdparty links or social networks. Business will be conducted via LinkedIN or Xing, this Website is a way to communicate my Art and comunnity work. Found a bug? I’d like to hear about it.

Freelance Visual & Userexperience Designer
Marie Schweiz
Matternstr 14
10249 Berlin, Germany


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Special Thanks

Emil, I miss you, every day. To my Mom, who is by herself an artist and my supporter. Robert, thanks for being my Web hero - couldn’t manage without your support. Peter, thanks for teaching me how to code. Adonit, glad I know you people. Savage Interactive, you made me a better artist. Google and many of their employees - allthough we don’t agree always, thanks for the business and collaboration.

To Christian, I love you! thanks for SSL and everything else.