I'm an interaction designer

Marie Schweiz, Sen. Designer in Berlin & Munich, Germany

Today, our work is evolving quickly. Almost everyone is looking for a designer with decent motion design skills and a hand for Javascript. For my clients I'm not just crafting microinteractions, flows and clickdummies, I communicate entire projects.

Designing functional products

My talent is an understanding of complex tasks (E.g. Driving assistance) and how to simplify them until they work smoothly for the user and sustainable for my client. I've helped companies kickstarting their ideas with ideation workshops or design sprints. In 2017 I worked as freelancer for Bosch SoftTec, leading and documenting interaction design. I'm known to speak about design and believe in the power of animated prototypes. Just recently I started supporting women working with Framer Studio.

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Software Skills

Speech prototype at framer.cloud
Image discovery prototype at framer.cloud
Thumb bottom bar prototype at framer.cloud