Designing touch experience

by Marie Schweiz, Sen. Designer

I’m a designer and director for various clients in Germany and around the whole world. My clients hire me for leading their mobile projects or conduct ideation workshops. Design thinking and prototyping is my strength.

2010 - Joining the Mobile Market

I was a visual designer when Android was announced by Google. Every day I earned my money by dealing with engineers. Back then I was already writing my own markup. It was easy for me to collaborate and join a few very early mobile projects. In 2011 I decided to move on and specialize in touchable interfaces.

2012 - Design thinking

The Market was still very young but I had learned quickly how to engage users and work with my clients in a design thinking oriented process. In 2013 my business was realigned and I took iOS clients too. For them it was a big advantage to have early stage click dummies and I have encouraged a lot of people to sketch their thoughts. It was a hard time for agencies and everyone liked to be a part of the mobile era.

2013 - Speaking on conferences

As a woman who never learned, I’m somehow different, I have suffered for years from being treated like a “woman”. I might was the very first female speaker in the field of mobile design and I don’t regret anything. During my first years as a speaker I received lovely and heartwarming support from female and male colleagues. I spoke on topics like:

If you are a young female speaker and you need support, you can always reach me via Mail. I can also recommend tech initiatives such as Women who code or Women tech makers.

2014 - 2016 Design Sprints

I’m very busy since I’m a senior designer with leadership skills. A lot of clients request workshops or mobile design. I care deeply about every person in my team and my clients keep coming back. I’m traveling and working in Munich and Berlin, Germany. My studio is located in Berlin, Friedrichshain.

Portfolio for Business

Interested or curious to work with me? I could send you a business portfolio with detailed information about my career. Get in touch on LinkedIN or just write me a Mail with a few lines what for.

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