• Usage: My major choice of acrylic colors.
  • Mixing: excellent, predictable.
  • Brilliance: very good.
  • Pricing: 3 of 5, Good price for good value.


I was looking for an affordable brand I can use to paint on a bigger canvas and delivers a good color brilliance. All colors are brilliant but I needed one with excellent opaque and mixing attributes. Otherwise it takes a lot of time to reproduce color shades. Amsterdam Acrylics are definetly a recommendation. Especially for bright and important mixing colors such as Nickel Yellow (274).

Amsterdam is selling 72 colors in different sizes. I’m absolutly fine with my collection of 24 colors.

For Beginners

My personal impression is, Amsterdam Series are a little bit easier to mix. High pigmented colors such as Schminke Acryl or Lascaux Sirius are sensitive and a bit too powerful. every drop changes a lot while Amsterdam Series is easier to mix. When I started with Acrylics i used cheaper colors with less brilliance. I boosted them with Lascaux Sirius pigments which helped but took a lot of time. Amsterdam turned out to be a choice in the middle and I consider this as tipp for starters.

Further notes

My whites and browns are Triton colors. The cheapest brand I could find. Brown pigments are the cheapest one we know the quality variation between a very cheap brown and a brown aren’t that huge. And I need white a lot.

For highlights and brighter paintings I mix Amsterdam series with Lascaux sirius.


  • Bright pigments
  • Good mixing abilitys (easy to reproduce)
  • Good medium consistency


Amsterdam Studio series aren’t always available.

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