• Usage: Because of its price i use them...
  • mixing: The Layering technique is incredible
  • brilliance: can't compete with watercolors.
  • Pricing: €€€€€ 5 of 5 very expensive


Lascaux Acrylics are expensive and I’m guessing because of the pigments. I wouldn’t buy a black or white because thats just a waste of Money in my opinion but CMY are incredible for mixing because of their pigments. Perfect as addition to my amsterdam standard series.

The Sirius series is an idea of having just basic colors which is everything you need if you have the patience to mix all day long. It has a huge educational effect on you but in my opinion it can be pretty annoying too.


As I mentioned they aren’t m first choice. I use them to work on highlights or give certain details a glow or mix a brighter color. I do not enjoy fiddling around with the sirius idea. Acrylic colors itself are very comfortable in my opinion. For smaller canvases I prefer Gouache.

Box sets

Sirius System is a set of “basic” colors you should mix until you have the color of your choice. Since I find Black and White utterly overpriced I would reccomend to buy them just as additional color and the single color you need.


  • High amount of pigments (a little drop has a huge impact)
  • reliable quality


  • consistency is somehow a little thin
  • wet they appear very transparent
  • of course they are expensive

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